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This is Maksudul Hasan, Online Digital Marketer & SEO Expert In Bangladesh. I simply have made this blog just share my mastery on Search Engine Optimization and Beginner Online Digital Marketing Guide. So Every Beginner in Online Digital Marketing will get a great deal of asset from here to begin their online adventure effectively. I am not a Specialist but rather have normal information on SEO and Online Digital Marketing.

Simply think about me inside the short concise. I am Maksudul Hasan (Miju) from Tarash, Sirajganj, Rajshahi living in Dhaka Bangladesh. I came to Dhaka in 2012 and start the online Journey from First month of 2016. Presently I have been working in SEO and Online Digital Marketing with 3+ years experience.

In that, I am as yet learning and just made this blog just share my insight on SEO and fledgling Search Engine Optimization Guide So I solicitation to all SEO Expert in Bangladesh don’t cause me dithering, to please! I trust that I will get heaps of beneficial things and great recommendation from you to proceed with my blog that will be very well for fledglings, Thanks!

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